About Us

Ben and Connie each have their distinct expertise in business marketing and promotion. They both come from ad agency backgrounds specializing in different creative areas. Ben has 14 years in corporate advertising experience as a Graphics Designer. He is skilled with all things Apple and develops all of our Print Media- everything from billboards to business cards.
Connie works with Website Design and has 10 years experience in WordPress CMS. She has trained in Video Production and Photography. Her background includes work with a boutique agency specializing in focused client promotional packages. She started in the analog world and advanced into digital integration during the iPhone release of 2007.
Ben and Connie are both skilled in social media and search engine integration strategies. Together, they offer a creative approach to complete, comprehensive online marketing programs that work for any business anywhere in the world.

How We Got Started

As Connie tells it…
I was training in Audio and Visual Arts at the same time the iPhone was released onto the market. This changed how the internet worked and opened up a new world for businesses to work online. I saw a way to use my video skills online and began training in WordPress website design, using Facebook and SEO strategies.
While I was producing online videos for attorneys in Florida and free-lancing in photography, I learned how important working with Google and Facebook had become. I didn’t need a brick and mortar office anymore… only great internet access and a powerful laptop. I grew into a true ‘digital nomad’ and developed my own online website design business helping clients all over the world. I was joined by my brother, Ben Trokey- Creative Director for Graphics Design and Print Media, this year. We have joined creative forces and collaborated to create Evolve Online …a complete design agency to cater to any online business. Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.